50 + Most Downloaded Premium WordPress Plugins

50 + Most Downloaded Premium WordPress Plugins

Bloggers love to find what Famous Bloggers are using plugins in their WordPress Blog so here are some Most Downloaded Premium WordPress Plugin.

Today’s post is Hot as 50+ Most Downloaded Premium WordPress Plugins. This collection are listed according to its sales on Codecanyon a premium Marketplace for buyers and sellers. Envato is heaven for coders and designer they have given a very big place to sell their creative work and people love them by rating and reviewing products as currently one of most hot sell in codecanyon is WordPress Plugin so we thought it might by interesting for you guys to find which WordPress plugins are sold most as you can also give a chance to your website. I know you will find this blog post much interesting as i have myself gone through it once again.

Updated on 20/04/2016

Ninja Kick Sidebar

Ninja Kick Sidebar is a WordPress plugin that adds hidden sidebar with content push revealing animation on every page of your site. Any content you put in the sidebar will wait for its time to reveal! You can utilize this plugin in so many ways: show visitors menu or your social feeds, offer an subscription, display banners, kick in registration form or shop’s basket etc



Iconize is a WordPress plugin for adding vector icons to posts, pages, menu items, widget titles and taxonomy terms visually, using simple and easy to use modal dialog. Plugin was built with WordPress best practises in mind and contains about 2000 icons which are crisp at 16x pixels


MetaData And Texonomies Filter

The plugin has very high flexibility and for now it is the most comprehensive solution for making content is searchable by meta fields AND taxonomies among wordpress plugins on codecanyon


Event Booking


Accordion Slider

Accordion Slider is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress plugin that combines the functionality of an accordion with that of a slider. The Accordion Slider plugin brings the best of both worlds, offering a modern, intuitive and engaging user experience.


Price Labeller

Price Labeller is a WordPress plugin that gives you full control over your price text throughout your WooCommerce store.It allows you to change your prices to more than just a number. Use it to boost sales, provide more information about a product’s availability, or set as a call to action when there’s no price available.


Forest-Admin Theme

Forest will make you and your clients be excited with managing a wordpress site



WP-Envato is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin widget to display your most recent Envato items from a selected marketplace. When the plugin is installed, you just drag and drop the widget to the sidebar and edit your username and that’s it!


Keywords To Tooltip

This plugin has the purpose to assign to certain words or a single word with a block of text.



jQueryFacebookWallWP is a wordpress plugin that will build a timeline or wall style post feed on your worpress website post or page with the Facebook account data of your choosing. jQueryFacebookWallWP has settings to show events, likes, photos, and albums. It also includes a Facebook style lightbox to browse photo galleries.


Author Box

WP Author Box gives you full control on your author profile box / agent box and gives identity to your single or multi-author WordPress blog websites. With this plugin you can fully customize your author box and creates unlimited tab to increase user engagement.


bbPress nVerify

This plugin is created for all authors selling products through Envato Marketplaces and using WordPress with bbPress plugin to provide support for customers. Using Smart bbPress nVerify, you can set up forums protection so that users are required to enter valid purchase code for your Envato products. You can assign one or more products to individual bbPress forums. Plugin requires use of WordPress version 3.3 or newer and bbPress plugin version 2.3 or newer.


File Name Download

WooCommerce Plugin is an awesome Plugin. It needs a little additions to make it work even better. Download File Name For WooCommerce is one among them.


Interactive Buttons

Interactive Buttons is a set of wonderful buttons that transition using CSS opacity, this buttons includes 200 Icons with 8 Colors and 2 different styles ( Text, with icons). On hover the buttons will change icons opacity with CSS transition. All the icons are in one transparency PNG file.


Table Chart

With this plugin you can have a table that you can show the corresponding values of the product dimension or weight .Just enable the plugin, create a table for each product or for a product category and assign that table to those .


Panpan-Responsive Plugin

Panpan is a responsive WordPress coming soon plugin. It a unique template that comes with raindrops effect. Easy to customize with the admin panel.


Subdomain Category

Simply Create a Category and subdomain will be automatically added, so create as many subdomains as you want, you may require one time Configuration of adding Wildcard Subdomain but most of the Host already did it.


Portfolio Filter and Carousel

AD Portfolio is an WordPress Responsive filter Portfolio and Carousel Plugin. You can create a responsive filter portfolio gallery and carousel with one click.


Comment Notifier

Approved Comment Notifier is a great way to keep your visitors connected with you. Once a visitor, or a member, of your site writes a comment on your website, you have to approve it before it shows on the frontend. Once you approve the comment, the author gets a custom email notification. Simple and nice


Story Box


Perspective Mockups

Perspective mockups come in diverse flavours consisting of photos, digital artwork, abstract shots, compositions, vast array of devices including but not limited to iphones, ipads, imacs and other tablets and smartphones from major manufacturers.


Create Customer Order

Save time and simplify your life by having the ability to create a new Customer directly on the WooCommerce Order screen.





WordPress plugin to detect mobile devices and redirect to the mobile site with Redirect count chart for different device. You can also choose whether or not to redirect tablets by enabling or disabling the check-box option. Also there are option for individual platform redirect like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.


CSS3 Backgrounds

The CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds plugin for WordPress is a powerful replacement for the default custom background appearance option in your admin panel. CSS3 Responsive Backgrounds gives you full control over all CSS3 background properties, allows you to layer multiple background images (with control over all properties of each image), and apply custom backgrounds to any HTML element or any CSS class or id.



Convert any currency to allowed PayPal currencies for PayPal’s Payment Gateway within WooCommerce


Smart Admin

Smart Admin Tweaks is collection of tools and tweaks (72 tweaks available in 3.6 version) for controlling various elements of WordPress website. All tweaks are split into 10 panels (1 is exclusively for Network Admin panel). In WordPress multisite more, panel Global is available only in Network Admin panel.


Visual Composer Animator

CSS Animator is a Visual Composer add-on that allows you add over 40 animations to Visual Composer elements in your WordPress site.



MailChimp is one of the best free email marketing managers in cyberspace, hands down. This is ideal for the creative small business owner or blogger.



Stimmy is a premium WordPress plugin that generates a responsive navigation menu using your theme standard menu as source (see requirement). Navigation is very important part of user experience and Stimmy makes it easier for small screens.


Modal Popup Box

Modal box is a simple CSS3 & jQuery effect that allows you to overlay a small element over a website.


Touchy Mobile Menu

Touchy, a mobile-first menu plugin for WordPress. While fast, reactive and primarily meant for touch devices, Touchy can also be used on a full-blown desktop site as it’s been tested in a variety of browsers to ensure it works the same everywhere.


Freelancer Bundle

Freelancer Widgets Bundle is a set of 7 widgets specially targeted towards musicians, artists, designers, developers and all other freelancers.




Search Comment

This plugin is made for search thru comments.Output is separate from the main search loop.It can be added under the search loop automatically or manually at any place on search page.



vBulletin Connector (scVBConnector for short) is a WordPress plugin that hooks into a vBulletin database and displays vBulletin comments in a WordPress Post page. This plugin can both work in harmony with your existing commenting system or replace it.


My Team



This is plugin to display different themes depending on the mobile platform. Allows you to select an individual theme for each platform and customize the sidebars with widgets and menus for each installed theme. Lets you collect and see visitor statistics by mobile devices.



The Barley for WordPress plugin brings the easy to use inline content editing experience of Barley to any WordPress-powered site. Create and edit blog posts, pages, add images and videos from YouTube, edit tags, categories, featured images and more.


Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant offers your customers a natural language search function where they complete a highly specific search tailored to their needs in the simplest way possible.


Categories For Media Library

Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library and filter on categories when inserting media. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library. You can change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.


URL Shortener

This WordPress plugin transfers the power of Premium URL Shortener to your own blog or WordPress-powered sites. This plugin comes with a number of functionality such as shortcodes, widgets and automatic URL shortening.


Groups Newsletters


Filter Custom Fields

Your customer can then search with this filter. The search is completly realised with Ajax. So the results will be shown automatically without leaving or reloading the website. But, although it is run by ajax, the Back- and Forward-Buttons are working, like you expect them to do.


Attractive Author Box

The most attractive author box plugin with 24 skins included. You can choose the skin in admin panel and live preview without page reload. Also include shortcode, widget and template tag. Google authorship verification is also included.


Lazy Load Slider

A WordPress plugin for displaying a series of high-resolution images on full-width pages. Built-In Lazy Loader allows for infinite hi-res images while helping to optimize page-load.



FAQPlus is a complete Frequently Asked Question plugin for WordPress which has customizable CSS for every FAQ group with 25+ easing animation effect. FAQplus can be displayed anywhere in Post, Page, Widget or Theme by Shortcode.


Custom Background-Banner

“WooCommerce Custom Background and Banner” is a WP WooCommerce plugin allowing users to set “Custom Backgrounds” for individual categories and/or individual products of WooCommerce products. This plugin can also create “Category Banner” for individual category of WooCommerce products.


Sortable Post Grid

With the help of this plugin, you can easily convert your post types archive pages into nice looking sortable post grid with the ability for your users to change the grid layout as they want.



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