30 Best Multi Purpose PHP Navigation Scripts

30 Best Multi Purpose PHP Navigation Scripts

Today we will show you 30 high-quality and multi purpose PHP navigation scripts of 2014 for your web applications. Do you need a distribution or navigation mapping system for your website applications or do you need to track distribution metrics and problems on a map backed by a database? This article very important for you. In this list we’ve share custom ajax store mdules, custom Google map integrations, powerful ajax store locators, clean metro UI systems, useful PHP file management systems and much more.

We’ve collected this list from CodeCanyon web development club. If you want see more informations about these modules, please visit developer sites. You can use these script formats usual PHP array, JSON file, XML file, or MySQL database table. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends, also bookmark us. Enjoy.

Updated on 18/04/2016

Zhen Distribution

Zhen Distribution Maps is the solution for your needs! Zhen Maps can run on any shared host with PHP and MySQL installed, and provides a great-looking and easy-to-use UX that allows you to easily track your distribution in a web-based application.


AJAX Store

AJAX Store Locator v2.0, More advanced than the previous version with more features.


AJAX Store Locator


Metro UI

Metro UI is a flexible and easy to integrate framework to build your one page website in Windows 8 Metro UI.


PHP File

PHP File Directory Explorer is a lightweight php script (the whole script sums only one file in total, excluding the small images) which can be used to browse your files fast and easy.

PHP File


Advanced PHP Pagination is a PHP class that can be used to generate dynamically pagination for your site in seconds, it is easy to use, and it has many settings to be customized as your needs.



ExplrPHP is a PHP script which provides an easy way to generate tree navigation menu in server-side from various sources of formats: usual PHP array, JSON file, XML file, or MySQL database table.



The ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs.


Advanced Menu

Main feature about this application is the fact of using the nested set model hierarchical data structure instead of the old adjancy list.


Easy Menu

Easy Menu Manager is an AJAX /PHP powered menu management system. You can add, edit, delete, and reorder menu items easily using this application.


Directory Explorer

PHP Directory Explorer is a directory indexing script written in PHP which indexes all folders, sub-folders, and files within a directory with style and simplicity.

Directory Explorer

Store Locator

If you decide to buy my item, please let a vote, so I know if is good or bad.



Skinny PHP Pagination provides the easiest way possible to have good pagination in your PHP applications.



This is the simple page navigation for .PHP. With this script you can in easy way create full functionally, clear and beautiful pagination bar on your project. Basic implementation is only 2 line of code!!


Navigational Site Map

Navigational Site Map(NSM) builds an user interactive site map for your website and it comes with an admin panel where you can easily manage the site map items.



The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers.



Scrolling Pagination Class is a class written in PHP 5.x used to create a pagination of results from different sources (such as MySQL query results).


Paging Class

Paging class is simple class allow you to generate dynamically navigation of your pages. It has a lot of options and is easy to configure.



Inclusion is a 5-step, Database-free, PHP -based multi-page site management engine. The navigation menu is built automatically.



CreativePager its a php class that builds almost any pagination system that you see over the internet. It has a lots of options and its very, very configurable.



Node is a dynamic menu system based on pure PHP without any framework requirement.



Quick PHP Password Protection is a single user PHP login system which is secure, quick to implement, and requires no database.


Country Detect

Class that lookup’s for a country code then it redirects (include files, or callbacks) the user to desired content you want.


Mod Rewriter


Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress v1.2 – PHP script that is perfect for all WordPress websites. It generates XML site map with links of all the files on your website.



Mr.Menu is an object oriented menu widget.


Simple Chat

Simple Chat is a simple lightweight chat script that can be integrated into any PHP page.


File Manager

File Manager allows you to download, upload and modify files and folders via the browser.


Site Map

This PHP script is perfect for all those static HTML websites out there. It allows you to quickly and easily display an automatic site map with links to all of all the files on your website.


Sleek Directory

Directory Navigator script allows you to display any directory on your website in an easy view format. All content is displayed in ascending alphabetical order with an option to switch from ascending to descending by clicking on the folder/file count text above the the files and folders.



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