7 Awesome Instagram Plugins for WordPress absolutely Free

7 Awesome Instagram Plugins for WordPress absolutely Free

Our web development keep looking for new things and we list them out here so we have listed 7 Awesome Instagram Plugins for WordPress absolutely Free which will be very useful for your social media campaign program.

Instagram is become no. 1 platform for social campaign for image promotion which reflect as visual advertising, it is a simple platform but highly promotional tool for camapign or branding your product or business. Its quite simple, you click a selfie, enhance it using one of many filters provided by Instagram and then upload it to Instagram or several other social media networks.

Social Media like instagram has more than 200 million users worldwide. The Potential to Enhance your Online Visibility. Instagram also provides e-Commerce businesses the opportunity to enhance their target audience demographics, Instagram with your WordPress website you will be able to connect with the application’s API. This will enable you to upload a images directly on your website.

So here is the Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress to Boost Functionality on your WordPress Site

It is important to understand that finding the perfect Instagram plug-in to boast an optimized gallery on your page or in a post or import WordPress photos as Instagram images can be a frustratingly daunting task. Fortunately for you, we have narrowed the list to 7 of the best WordPress multisite plugins:

WP Instagram Widget

This widget plug-in shows a myriad of the latest Instagram photos and images for Instagram users. The best part about it is the fact that you won’t have to worry about any API configuration. All you have to do is provide a username and the amount of posts you want to display.

The WP Instagram Widget manages the entire mechanics of image or photo display and creates editable WordPress themes.

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Simply Instagram

A free plug-in that enables you to integrate different Instagram images directly from your Instagram account and into your WP website. You can also integrate those images anywhere within the content of your site as well. The plugin also features a “follow me on Instagram” option.

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Yakadanda Instagram

The Yakadanda Instagram plug-in consists of an images widget as well as a widget for your profile that displays precise statistics of your Instagram profile. Yakadanda is a highly responsive plug-in, which provides you with an option to change the frame rate of your image scrolling as well as its height and speed.

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Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

A comprehensive WordPress-Instagram plug-in that provides users with shortcodes and widgets that are flexible and efficiently configurable to create editable WordPress themes. Both functionalities come with 5 distinct layouts with different control settings to adjust how your galleries look and feel. This includes border and drops shadow settings.

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Instagram Theater

A feature packed plug-in that enables you to display photos in various modes such as full screen, thumbnail grid, lists and a lot more. Plus, the plug-in also extracts photos and images from popular and trendy locations, multiple users hashtags, and Instagram feed.

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Instagram Photo & Video Gallery

A premium Instagram plug-in for WP sites that immediately captures photos on your site to instantaneously deliver those images to your followers and visitors. It can also capture Instagram images from hashtags.

This feature packed plugin supports various devices with high-pixel functionality and your followers can browse your photos and images using the lightbox gallery.

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Enjoy Instagram

One of the most flexible and comprehensive WordPress multisite plugins, one that will enable you to show your images in two modes – grid and carousel. The plug-in is mobile-responsive and also features touch support. You will also be able to view your Instagram image on your WordPress website via a shortcode or a widget.

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Final Thoughts

You should now have all the information you need to start install one of the above Instagram Plugins, helping you to enormously enhances your online visibility.

If you have any questions about the Instagram plugins then please leave a comment below.


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