How to get more subscribers on Google Feedburner

How to get more subscribers on Google Feedburner

In this post you can learn how to get more subscribers for your blogs with Google Feedburner. This is an awesome article about Feedburner review for dear Weblees readers.

The Feedburner can be considered as a webmaster tool that contains lots of features. It’s bought by Google and turned into a free software system. It’s free to sign up for FeedBurner. If you have more than 1 websites, you can register them all on a single account. First let’s take a look how to signup for FeedBurner. If you don’t have a Google account, get one first. We can reach FeedBurner by address. After you login, you will get a list of websites if you entered there after your login. There will be a topic below saying “Burn a feed right this instant”. Type your blog or feed address here:


You can register your websites on FeedBurner by entering their feed address by clicking Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here: link. You can enter directory path if it’s in a sub directory. It is important that RSS and Feed extensions are correct. You can make sure it by copying RSS following code on your site. It is usually enought to type /feed in WordPress sites.

After you click next, a new page will come up. You can enter your page address without extension in Feed Title and Feed Address. Feed Title is represent visible area’s name where you enter your main page. Feed Address is extension given to you for your


There is nothing to fill in the page after you click next. It gives you few information’s. You can click next again right after.


You can skip this next page without changing anything. If you want make changing, you can change your website’s keywords, category and few more information’s and make your own customizations for FeedBurner.

You can skip again without change anything. You can get more statistics by checking the option at bottom if you wish. Now your register is done. Next is login and start processing your FeedBurner. We can explain some topics on site as follows:

  1. Headline Animator: Allows you to turn topics on your site via images.
  2. BuzzBoost: Allows you to show your feeds on another websites in an iframe. You can create your own designs in css area.
  3. SpringWidgets Skin: It is interface area for who does rss reads via flash system.
  4. Email Subscriptions: Where you see who subscribed for get emails and updates for your site. Used by lots of webmasters.
  5. PingShot: This makes some websites to get knows When you make a login.
  6. FeedCount: You can track how many ppl signed up for Rss feed on your website.
  7. Chicklet Chooser: You can get boxes for buttons and statistic you want to add to your website.
  8. Awareness API: Allows others to see the traffic of your feeds.
  9. Creative Commons: Allows you to add copyrights and other legal statemes in exiting RSS. you can minimize steals with this tools.
  10. Password Protector: You can use this if you want only members of your site see RSS informations. Guest will see nothing.
  11. NoIndex: Block search engines to read RSS informations.
  12. Link Splicer: Allows you to publish your bookmarks stored in your online bookmark websites.
  13. Photo Splicer: Allows you to publish your images stored in your online image sharing websites.
  14. Geotag your feed: You can locate geographically your feed and RSS by entering your location where you currently are. This mostly used by sites containing local contents.You can let your visitors knows where you located.
  15. Feed Image Burner: You can add images and visual content with this option.
  16. Title/Description Burner: If you want to signup for someone else’s RSS and want to add description, you can do it with this.
  17. Convert Format Burner: You can change your RSS format and allow visitors read in another format.
  18. Content-Type Burner: You can use this for change content of your feeds.
  19. Summary Burner: You can change lenght of your feeds and even can add images.
  20. Event Feed: If you have some kind of calendar or event website, you can use this option for get RSS. You can use it’s hide outdated events feature.
  21. Tickerize Borsa: You can add symbols and abbreviations for borsa etc. systems.
  22. Amazon ID Burner: Add your Amazon ID to the Amazon links you added to the site.
    1. Adding FeedBurner code to the site.

      You can do lots of options on your site by code you get from the system. In example, you can add codes for make visitors enter their emails and you can make your articles reach them. Or you can add counters to your site and track how many people visit your site.

      First lets see how you add codes for make your visitors sign up for your site. Login and click to your website which we going to make options. Click to Publicise link at top of the menu. Then click email subscriptions at left of on the page comes up.


      You need to click Activate button at this point. System will forward you automatically to the page where you will get codes for add your website.


      If you want to add a counter for see how many visitors you get, you must do steps below. Same as above, login to the system and click your website. Click to Activate and then click Feedcount link.


      You will see a color panel and buttons for add to your website in the next page. Choose your button and color then click Activate. Get codes in the next page and add them to the your website. You can click Socialize link and connect your account to the twitter and make your articles appear on your twitter area. There are lot more options on FeedBurner. We added only the most used ones in this article. You can get more detailed options and variations by the time you get familiar with FeedBurner.

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      Thanks for read our article. I hope so you like our first article for about SEO Tips. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends also bookmark us. Enjoy.


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