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4 Free WordPress Plugins to Help You Grab More Eyeballs Through Social Media

The times have changed, and they have changed drastically. Gone are the times when you were assured great many visitors on your website only because you gave them good quality content to read. Today, as we speak, every new website makes its way to the market in few seconds. So, in order to catch up with the competition and rather to drive past it, you need much more than just good writing. You need an effective marketing strategy.So we have listed 4 Free WordPress Plugins to help you grab more eyeballs through social media.

free WordPress Plugins

However, not everyone has a budget to hire hotshot digital marketers to perch their product ahead of the competition. Some people want to keep a check on their expenditures and wish to find ways that make it economical affordable for them to market their products with sweating it out on the cost factor. And this is where social media steps in and gives them assurance that they can promote their websites without really spending a dime. It consists of some amazing platforms that let you take your website to unexplored places.

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But, how to make it easier for you to leverage social media’s advantage in the most simplest, yet effective manner? Well, you don’t really need to go to great lengths to find out the answer. The WordPress’ social media bookmarking plugins prove to be more than adequate answers to all your concerns and doubts. They are just what the site admin wants when he goes for a compelling social media capability on his website

WP Social Bookmarking

Among all the highly exceptional plugins for social bookmarking, WP Social Bookmarking stands tall as the highly resourceful plugin that lets you inject such a huge degree of social media functionality to your site, that it becomes easier for your visitors to share the posts on your website with their friends and family. There is lucid strip n which the social media buttons are placed. All a visitor needs to do pick one of the buttons he or she has an account on, and in a two step process, share it on their timelines.

GetSocial – Free WordPress Plugins

There is no scarcity of options for the visitors to your blog. Whether they have an account on Google Plus, or LinkedIn, or Facebook or on Reddit, they will find the requisite button on your website of you have installed the GetSocial plugin. This plugin is highly responsive and is mobile ready. The website managers do not have to worry of the modules or the social media buttons will be displayed on different mobile devices or browsers appropriately or not, since it is compatible with a versatile range of devices and browsers.


The SexyBookmarks keeps the things all charged up. The plugin is bequeathed with some impressive visual attributes that ensures that installing it will not only add to your social media capability, but also add that much-needed color and flavor to your website. When the purpose is to inject some virality to the posts on your website, SexyBookmarks is a perfect solution.


When the ambition is to see your numbers go up by a considerable margin, you have an able ally in Shareaholic, a plugin that helps you boost the traffic by enabling you gain a powerful presence on social media. It works with pages of every resolution and size, ensuring great compatibility. It is also a fine looking plugin that doesn’t interfere the visual appeal of your website.

The social media plugins have given website owners an extra hand to let them promote their website with more vigor. Pick one that fits your requirements the most, see the numbers take care of themselves.


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