30+ Powerful Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

30+ Powerful Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

One of most important element of Website is Slider and we need to search Best Powerful Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins out of thousands Image slider plugins.

We have given lot of time to search Best Image Slider for your Website as we have been using this slider since long and they really comes in Powerful and prominent Free jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins for your Website Design. This sliders are added according to browser compatibility and functionality keeping in mind that easy to integrate with your custom website. Some of this image carousel slider plugin are responsive as well and some are vertical and horizontal image slider too. This blog post will help you our surely as we have done lot of research for you to use best carousel slider for your web. This resource is free to use and provided with complete documentation for help and guidance even you can customize this slider according to your needs depends on your skills. Hope you gone love this out.

Premium jQuery Carousel Slider Plugins

Updated on 19/04/2016

Slippry-Image Slider Plugin

Slippry is a jQuery image gallery plugin for that has modern features.
First of all, it uses HTML5-CSS3 markup and works well with responsive layouts (optional).It can be styled with Sass or CSS and has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect.


PGW Responsive Slider

This plugin is SEO compliant, so the statement of the slider elements is only in HTML.



Elastislide is a responsive image carousel that will adapt fluidly in a layout. It is a jQuery plugin that can be laid out horizontally or vertically with a pre-defined minimum number of shown images.


Awkward Slider Jquery

Awkward Showcase is a plugin for the JavaScript Framework jQuery. We call it a Content Slider. But it can do more then just slide the content. For example you can add tooltips, enable thumbnails, activate dynamic height and lots more.


Caroufredsel jquery Slider

carouFredSel is a jQuery plugin that converts any kind of HTML element into an infinite and circular carousel. It can scroll one or more items at the same time both horizontally or vertically. Every item can be displayed automatically and/or by user interaction (pressing buttons or keys on the keyboard).


Slider Shock

The slider is fully responsive. Thanks to the shortcode the slider generates, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets. Add a flat color or a pattern based background the captions in the slides. There is lot more in features.



jQuery Slideshow is a performant, flexible and developer friendly image slideshow and content carousel plugin.



Implement your slideshow with the Agile Carousel JQuery plugin. Highly customizable so you can build according to your requirements. JSON data format is used to provide easier integration with external data or data from your CMS. Use it for agile web development. This is an all new version written from scratch. JQuery UI effects and the ability to read files on the dedicated server are no longer included. New features are added, such as “Control Sets” which allow for a more customizable setup.


Thumbnail Gallery Plugin

jQuery Plugin for creating image galleries that scale to fit their container


Devrama Slider

‘Devrama Slider’ is a image slider with many features. It support both images and HTML contents.



Fully responsive. Scales with its container.
Separate settings per breakpoint
Uses CSS3 when available. Fully functional when not.
Swipe enabled. Or disabled, if you prefer.
Desktop mouse dragging
Infinite looping.
Fully accessible with arrow key navigation
Add, remove, filter & unfilter slides


Blog Slide

BlogSlideShow is a jQuery plugin enhancesing your blog pages with image viewer, which provides fancy transition effects.


Pikachoose Image Gallery

Pikachoose is a lightweight jQuery slideshow plugin, with tons of great features! jCarousel integrates smoothly with PikaChoose to give your gallery simple and effective carousel.


Powerange Slide Controller

Powerange is a range slider control, inspired heavily by iOS 7 and the “Power Rangers” TV series. It is easily customizable, both by CSS and JavaScript. With it’s many features, including changing color and overall style, switching between horizontal and vertical style, custom min, max and start values, custom step interval, displaying decimal values, displaying icons instead of min/max numbers, it is a really powerful UI tool to use on your website.


Royal Slider Gallery

RoyalSlider is a powerful image gallery and content slider plugin. Every slider template is responsive and touch friendly. Take a look at it in your mobile device or try to resize your browser to see the effect.


Customizable jquery Carousel Slider

OWL Carousel is a clean and neat jQuery slider plugin for creating fully responsive and touch-enabled carousel slider with a lot of options.


Lightweight Content Slider Plugin

lightslider is a lightweight yet fully customizable jQuery slider plugin that supports any Html contents and makes use of CSS3 transitions and transforms to create smooth ‘fade’ or ‘slide’ effects. Licence under the Apache License 2.0.


Liquid Carousel Plugin

Liquid carousel is a jQuery plugin intended for liquid designs. Every time the container of the carousel gets resized, the number of items in the list change to fit the new width.


Amazing Carousel

Amazing Carousel is an easy-to-use Windows & Mac app that enables you to create circular, responsive jQuery Carousel and jQuery Image Scroller. The carousel can also be published as WordPress Carousel Plugin, Joomla Carousel Module and Drupal Carousel Module.


BlueBerry Style

Blueberry is an experimental opensource jQuery image slider plugin which has been written specifically to work with fluid/responsive web layouts.


Adaptive Jquery Slider

A jQuery, Html5, CSS3 based image carousel/slider that has the ability to dynamically change the background/text color of the image caption and navigation according to the dominant color of an image.


Galleria Image Slider

Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creating beautiful image galleries for the web and mobile devices.


Responsive Slider

Works even id IE6
Only 1kb after minimize and gzipped
Multiple slideshows supported
Automatic and manual mode
Caption support
Separate pagination control support
Images can be wrapped inside links


Jcarousel Plugin

jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order. It provides a full-featured and flexible toolset for navigating any HTML based content in a carousel-like fashion.



A free responsive jQuery slider toolkit. Supported in all major browsers with custom navigation options and touch swipe support.


Wow Slider


Slider Kit

The purpose of Slider Kit is to gather common slideshow-like jQuery functionalities (such as news sliders, photos galleries/sliders, carousels, tabs menus) into one lightweight and flexible plugin combined with ready-to-use CSS skins.



Cycle2 is a versatile slideshow plugin for jQuery built around ease-of-use. It supports a declarative initialization style that allows full customization without any scripting.


Abitgone Jquery Plugin

Carousel takes simple HTML- and CSS-only carousels and progressively enhances them with features such as page lists, scrolling, class-toggling, timers, timer offsets as well as touch and keyboard events.


Really SlideShow

Really Simple Slideshow is a jQuery plugin for creating image slideshows. Images are loaded dynamically as each one is required, allowing for larger slideshows without having to pre-load lots of images.



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